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Wholesale Terms and Conditions

Please read the terms and conditions set out in this document carefully. Aussie Happy Pants reserves the right to change or modify these terms and price of wholesale without prior notice. The following will provide you with information on how to gain and maintain wholesale status. To be applicable you must agree to the following conditions :

1. Eligibility

    Retailers must have a physical storefront or an online store and must provide a valid Australian Business Name, number and contact details.

    • If the retailer operates on markets or festivals, Aussie Happy Pants reserves the right to decline wholesale applicants who operate on the same venue as Aussie Happy Pants.

    3. Order minimums

    Your order must meet both of the following minimums.

    • Your order must be at least $400 not including shipping costs. 
    • There is a minimum quantity of 1(one) per size per product selected. For you to be able to introduce a line of product to your customer base you must at least stock one item per size of the selected product. 
      4. Prices
      • We provide you with R.R.P. (real retail price) as a reference only. This R.R.P. is the same price as listed on however, Aussie Happy Pants will not, nor is able to stipulate the price, which you are to sell the goods you purchase. The selling price for the products you choose is your own decision.
      • Shipping cost varies on the order’s quantity
      5. Payment
      • All payments must be completed within 48 hours of placing your order. Payment can be done by direct deposit. A surcharge of 2% will be added to all credit card or PayPal payments.
      • Invoice balance on wholesale orders must be paid and cleared in full before the goods will be shipped.
      • Shipping costs are caluclated and charged once your order is placed and must be paid in full before your order ships out.
          6. Delivery
            • Once full payment has been received, your goods will be shipped. If your order is a Starter Pack, it will be processed within 1-3 business days after payment is cleared for all in-stock products. If there is an issue with the products we will contact you immediately to advise you on the expected delivery time. If your order is a design order the delivery will be set out depending on production time, you will be given a timeframe when you place your order.
            • You as the buyer are responsible for all shipping costs.
            • We use Registered Australia Post. We advise that all parcels are sent registered delivery with a signature so that your package can be tracked. Express post can be arranged if stated prior payment.
            • If you prefer to use your own courier service then please advise prior to payment and we will arrange delivery with the specified courier.
            • We accept no responsibility of damaged or lost goods during transit to your premises after we have relinquished the goods to Australia post or Couriers of you're choice if arrangements have not been made for insurance

                    7. Sales outlets

                    All of the Aussie Happy Pants products must be sold through the authorised retail outlet(s) you have specified in your application to Aussie Happy Pants. Permission must be sought to sell the goods at other outlets including any new shops or online stores. Aussie Happy Pants does not allow its products to be sold at online auction sites or through party plan or markets without written permission. 

                    8. Privacy

                    All personal information provided to Aussie Happy Pants will be kept confidential and secure, such as name, address, email address, telephone number. We will not sell, rent, pass on or profit from your details

                    9. Trademarks & Copyright, Brand Integrity

                    • Aussie Happy Pants® is a registered trademark and so is the logos, designs, patterns, graphics, artwork and creative work. All rights are owned by Aussie Happy Pants. Please do not use the registered logo or product descriptions attributed to our products unless you have paid for the relevant product in full and gained written consent from us to do so.
                    • We would like to protect our brand at all times and in becoming a stockist for Aussie Happy Pants you shall promote and protect our brand at all times.
                    • Once you become an Aussie Happy Pants stockist you will be given permission to use our images and descriptions of our products with due care if you wish to do so. We will be happy to assist you with the relevant images for promotion and advertising purposes in store or online, However all the copy right and trade mark will still belong to Aussie Happy Pants.
                    • The Purchaser will sell the goods in their entire packaging including all existing labels and will not tamper, change or relabel any of the goods without prior written permission from Aussie Happy Pants.
                    • The Purchaser is responsible for ensuring the goods adhere to the laws/standards/ regulations of any country/market permitted by its governing laws
                    10. Samples

                      Samples of clothing and accessories where available can be requested but will be charged at the unit price plus Shipping cost.

                      11. Cancellations

                      Once an order for wholesale has been accepted and the goods paid for in full this acts a legally binding contract and cancellation is not possible.

                      12. Returns

                      The purchaser can contact Aussie Happy Pants up to seven days after receiving the goods if returns are required due to manufacturing. Please contact Aussie Happy Pants prior returning goods, for procedure information.

                      12.1 The shipping cost for all return items is at the expense of the purchaser.

                      By starting and completing the order process for Aussie Happy Pants’ wholesale you are acknowledging and accepting the terms and conditions set out above.

                      Last updated May 25 2016

                      Size Chart


                      Shorts Measurement Chart

                      Size S M L XL 2XL
                      Waist 80 cm 84 cm 94 cm 100 cm 108 cm
                      Hip 92 cm 96 cm 114 cm 120 cm 132 cm
                      Length 32 cm 34 cm 36 cm 38 cm 40 cm


                      Boardshorts and Capri Measurement Chart

                      Size S M L XL 2XL
                      Waist 84 cm 88 cm 100 cm 104 cm 116 cm
                      Hip 92 cm 96 cm 112 cm 116 cm 128 cm
                      Length 48 cm 50 cm 53 cm 55 cm 58 cm
                      Inseam 26 cm 26 cm 30 cm 30 cm 32 cm


                      Long Pants Measurement Chart

                      Size S M L XL 2XL
                      Waist 80 cm 90 cm 108 cm 112 cm 116 cm
                      Hip 92 cm 96 cm 112 cm 116 cm 128 cm
                      Length 94 cm 94 cm 98 cm 100 cm 103 cm
                      Inseam 72 cm 72 cm 74 cm 75 cm 77 cm


                      Men's Happy Pants reference sizes.

                      Sizes are designed to fit the following 

                      Size Fits Australian Size
                      (high hip) in cm
                      XS 24 - 30 (in) 60 - 76 (cm)
                      S 30 - 32 (in) 76 - 81 (cm)
                      M 32 - 34 (in) 81 - 86 (cm)
                      L 34 - 36 (in) 86 - 91 (cm)
                      XL 36 - 38 (in) 91 - 96 (cm)
                      2XL 38 - 40 (in) 96 - 101 (cm)


                      Women's Happy Pants reference sizes.

                      Sizes are designed to fit the following 

                      Size Fits Australian Size (high hip) in cm
                      XS 6 to 8 60 - 76 
                      S 8 to 10 76 - 81 
                      M 10 to 12 81 - 86 
                      L 12 to 14 86 - 91 
                      XL 14 to 16 91 - 96 
                      2XL 16 to 18 96 - 101 

                      Youth Happy Pants reference sizes.

                      Sizes are for both bottoms and tops are designed to fit the following  

                      Happy Pants Size
                      Recommended Age
                      8 - 11  8 to 11 years old
                      11 - 14  11 to 14 years old


                      Kids Happy Pants


                      Size reference and measurement chart for Happy Kids Shorts.

                      Size 0 1-2 3-4 5-6 7-8 9-10
                      Age 6 - 12 Months 1 - 2 Years 3 - 4 Years 5 - 6 Years 7 - 8 years 9 - 10 Years
                      Waist 24 cm 26 cm 27 cm - cm - cm - cm
                      Length 26 cm 29 cm 32 cm - cm - cm - cm


                      Sizes are on designed to fit the following

                      Size 0 1 2 3 4
                      Age 6 - 12 Months 1 - 2 Years 2 - 3 Years 3 - 4 Years 4 - 5 years
                      Waist 20 cm 22 cm 24 cm 26 cm 28 cm
                      Length 26 cm 29 cm 32 cm 48 cm 42 cm



                      Size chart for Kids Tees.

                      Size 0 1-2 3-4 5-6 7-8 9-10
                      Age 6 - 12 Months 1 - 2 Years 3 - 4 Years 5 - 6 Years 7 - 8 years 9 - 10 Years
                      Back 26 cm 27 cm 29 cm 30 cm 31 cm 32 cm
                      Length 43 cm 45 cm 48 cm 50 cm 52 cm 55 cm