Top 5 occasions to wear Happy Pants and lounge wear

Top 5 occasions to wear Happy Pants

Over the years we’ve had customers ask when and where can I wear Happy Pants? Since we design colourful and comfortable clothing their uses can vary depending on your need. The main variables to keep in mind are your lifestyle, profession, hobbies, and even personality.

Yet, we have learnt that there are 5 top occasions where Happy Pants can outshine other clothing.

1. Relaxing

There is no better feeling than relaxing at home while wearing something so comfy that provides you with easy movement, doesn’t dig in, is soft, it embraces your body shape, and makes you feel like the king/queen of your castle. Pro tip: Change into your happy pants after a long day at work. Happy pants are the best lougeware to have a night in and binge watch your favourite shows or movies

relaxing in bed wearing loungeware cotton pants shorts

2. Work

We have had the pleasure of meeting a wide range of customers who tell us they get to wear Happy Pants at work. Their professions vary from teachers, chefs, child care professionals, people in the hospitality and medical industries, artists, and don’t forget about those working from home.

Comfortable clothes to work from home

3. Recreation

Who doesn’t love to have a bit of fun? We know we do! That is why whenever we plan outdoor activities like going to the beach, having a picnic at the park, enjoying a BBQ with your mates, or even going to the markets to grab something yummy to eat, Happy Pants are a perfect alternative to casual wear.

Loungewear to relax and travel comfortable clothing

4. Travelling

Whether your preferred method of travelling is by road, air, or sea one of the most important things to keep in mind is that your clothing should be versatile, easy to care for, comfortable, and looks great. This will not only reduce the stress of going away, but it will also allow you to enjoy and have fun on your trip. Next time you are planning to go away, take your favourite pair of Happy Pants. Pro tip: We like to wear them on planes, in the car, to sleep in, camping, and so much more.

5. Health

Looking after your health should be one of your main priorities and we like to use Happy Pants in health-related activities. Our top uses are: low impact sports such as yoga, meditation or going for walks. Attending medical procedures as they are very comfy, as well as easy to put on and take off. Lastly, doing some gardening and looking after the environment.

Cotton pants for travelling and relaxing
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