Redefine your relationship with clothing

Redefining our Relationship With Clothing

Everyone has a unique relationship with clothing. Regardless of personal preference, enjoying current fashion trends or seeing garments as a requirement, clothes play a crucial role in our lives. Over generations, garments have served multiple purposes: protect the body from different weather conditions, express personal beliefs and ideologies, decorate the body, and self-expression. Yet, research has consistently shown that our intricate connection with clothes comes from the intimate contact that the fabric has with the body, transcending its physical identity and becoming an extension of oneself. 


Notwithstanding the basic need for clothes, contemporary society has subjected individuals to compare and measure themselves with socially constructed notions of beauty dictated by consumerism and commercialism. This ideology completely disregards worldwide diversity found in various ethnicities, heights, weights, and more. The concept that a person, regardless of gender identity, needs to conform to preconceived ideas of beauty impacts people’s relation with their garments.

A healthier approach to our relationship with clothes should disregard the idea that a body needs to fit a garment to be beautiful. Instead, focus on how clothes are complementary to a person irrespective of their appearance. Your clothes should make you feel empowered, comfortable, happy and confident, no matter the size, style, or colours you choose to wear. Next time you go shopping for a new outfit, remember that everyone is unique, and it is alright to be you. 

What is your relationship with clothes
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