How to transition your closet into a new season

How to transition your closet into a new season

Spring is finally here! The weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer, and the flowers are blooming all around us.

Transitioning into a new season can be a wonderful experience and the perfect opportunity to sort through your clothes, ensuring a seamless progression from fluffy warm jumpers to soft and breezy shorts. Cleaning and organising your closet at the beginning of each season will help you get a clear idea of what you have and what you need. It eliminates visual clutter, making it easier to get ready every morning, giving you you more chances to use your clothes throughout the season.

Use these practical and easy tips that help you sort through your garments and get prepared for the seasonal changes.

Do a wardrobe edit and sort your clothes

It is the perfect time to try on all your garments and classify them. Decide whether you want to keep, fix, donate, recycle or resell. To make the best decisions, think about the following while you check each item.

Closet organisation for a new season

Clean and mend your clothes

Before putting away your last season’s garments, make sure they are clean and in good condition. Wash and dry your clothes and classify them by type, e.g. jumpers with jumpers and bottoms with bottoms.

If you notice an item missing a button or needs repair, make sure to fix it. It save you time in the future and will ensure your next seasonal transition is fast and easy.

Clean out your closet

Take advantage that most of your clothes are out of the closet to clean them and reorganise items that have fallen out of place. Keeping a clean and tidy wardrobe helps you conserve your garments for longer as it reduces the risk of getting your clothes damaged by mould, dirt, or pests.

Allocate a space to store your off-season clothing

Once all your off-season garments are organised and in storage boxes with their corresponding labels, allocate a space to store your clothes, which must be clean, cool, dark and dry. If you are short of space, assign an area far from reach that you don’t use on a daily basis.

Keep a section of your closet for your basics wardrobe

Having basics or a year-round section in your closet will make the transition each season easier and faster. Think of items such as undies, bras, socks, t-shirts, uniforms, etc.

Unpack in-season clothing

Pull out of storage the clothes you set aside last year. Check whether they need to be ironed, cleaned, or air out, and get them ready. Place the in-season clothing in an accessible part of your wardrobe and have fun creating new spring outfits.  

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