How to inject colour to your wardrobe

How to inject colour into your wardrobe?

Regardless of your fashion style, whether you favour monochromatic schemes or if the rainbow is more your choice, colours play a major role in our lives. We use colours on a daily basis to express our feelings or set a tone. Yet, we all tend to fall back on the routine of using the same colours over and over again. While this can provide a sense of security it can also be dull and deprive you of new possibilities.

Did you know that colours have the ability of bringing happiness to your life? Bright colours can alter the way you feel and give you courage to embark on new adventures. So, if you want to broaden your perspective there are simple tricks that anyone can use to inject some colour into your wardrobe. Who knows? you might fall in love with something new.  

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  1. Start small and choose a statement piece

Injecting colour into a neutral wardrobe can be quite intimidating, so it’s a good option to start with a statement piece like a pair of shorts, a top, a jacket, or even an accessory. Try to combine it with clothes that you already own to develop your confidence.

  1. Choose a colour that puts a smile on your face.

Have you ever felt drawn to a specific colour but you are not too sure if you can pull it off? Try it on! We are more likely to wear clothes that we gravitate to. Yet, if you feel that no matter how much you love that colour it doesn’t sit right with you. Then look for a different shade, tone or hue. There is a wide range of varieties of the same colour out there and you are bound to find one that suits your skin tone. Just remember, don’t go for the colour in fashion, go for the colour that makes you feel great!

  1. Keep it within the same undertone

Colours can be warm or cool depending on their undertone. Check your garment and pair it with clothes that are alike in colour, warm with warm or cool with cools. This will help to balance the outfit making it more pleasing to the eye. Here is an example of the same colours with different undertones.

Colour tones in clothing fashion trends
  1. Monochromatic doesn’t mean black and white

Monochromatic wardrobes are usually understood as neutral colours such as black, white and cream, but this is far from truth. That is called achromatic, lacking colour. A monochromatic colour scheme can be any colour in its varied shades. Next time you want to create a monochromatic outfit try to do it in a bright colour like red, blue or even green. Experiment with different shades. Venture to the unknown and explore new alternatives.

  1. Remember the rule of 3s

When we try to combine bright colours, we tend to add too many. This can throw the outfit out of balance since our eyes can find it difficult to focus. There is a simple solution to this, remember to keep your outfit to a maximum of three colours. By doing so, your clothes won’t look too busy because the colours are not competing with each other. When your outfit has only three colours they can complement each other, making you look in harmony and stylish.

  1. Create your own colour palette

This is our most important tip. We are all unique individuals and we all love different things. Next time you want to create the perfect wardrobe for you, forget about fashion trends and choose a colour palette that compliments your figure, skin tone, personality, and style. Go for colours that make you happy! Choose garments that you are going to wear all the time. This will not only save you money in the long run as it helps you avoid things that you are never going to use, but It will also ensures that every time you open your closet you will feel happy with your clothes, making you will feel confident regardless of what you are wearing.

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