International Women's Day

Celebrate International Women's Day

Throughout centuries, women have been fighting to achieve gender equality, to be seen and acknowledged in the same way men are. Yet, we still fail to recognise women and their contributions in cultural, social, political, technology, science, economic sectors, and more. While inequality towards women is still globally present, today, March 8, marks the date to reflect, acknowledge and advocate for women's rights. By joining this international celebration, we can highlight issues that have impacted past and the current generations of women. Yet, to stop this cycle from repeating, we need to analyse and change our current stand on gender inequality to project future generations.

It is important to remember that even though we are in the year 2022, there are still many places where women are subjected to lesser conditions and denied the right to stand for themselves. The biggest challenge is shifting our mindset from reactive responses to proactive solutions. By empowering women and acknowledging current societal issues such as sustainability, we can forge positive change in our society and form a better future.

We should all live every day as if it was March 8, as it will bring the gender gap closer to an end. Aim to celebrate the incredible women in your life and or the woman you are. Honour your endeavour for a better life by continuing self-development and positive contributions to society. Embrace the mission of building a better world for future generations to come so that every little girl around the world can feel worthy, strong, intelligent, and equal to those around her.

Never stop believing in yourself, how powerful your actions can be and the impact that they can have on others.
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