Cotton Clothing

Benefits of cotton clothing

At Happy Pants we strive to provide high quality products. During the design phase we dedicate time to choose natural fabrics for our garments. We take into consideration a number of factors, including sustainability, characteristics, quality and cost among others. But why do we do so? For thousands of years natural fabrics have been the preferred choice for manufacturing clothes and while the fashion industry has evolved by introducing new synthetic textiles, organic and natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, and wool remain some of the best options. In the case of cotton, the reasons are simple:

Cotton is versatile and ideal for all seasons. Do you live in a hot area? Cotton clothing has the property of keeping you cool as the fabric allows the air to circulate lowering your body temperature. Cotton can also absorb moisture, keeping you dry and feeling fresh. What about cold weather? Depending on the weight and weave of the fabric, cotton garments can be a good wardrobe staple. Due to its insulation properties, cotton is wonderful to layer up and combine with other clothes like soft and thick knits, keeping you warm and cosy throughout winter.

Hypoallergenic. Cotton rarely causes rashes, allergic reactions, or skin irritations, which is one of the main reasons why it is so commonly used in the medical field and in baby clothing. If you have allergies, please check with your doctor whether cotton is a good alternative for you.  

Durability. Cotton has a high tensile strength, making it more resistant to stress, rips and tears. Unlike synthetic fabrics, cotton has the ability to absorb water and it is stronger when wet. This makes cotton clothes last longer even after many washings. Let your washing machine do the dirty job and enjoy the comfort of your clothes.

Eco-friendly. Cotton comes from the earth. It is grown, spun, and turned into soft textiles without having to be mixed with synthetic components. Cotton can be composted without damaging the earth as it doesn’t contain microplastics that can harm the environment.

Variety. Cotton can be found in a wide range of textures, colours, and thickness providing you with multiple options for your wardrobe.

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