Advantages of alpaca wool and alpaca clothing

Advantages of Alpaca Wool

Alpaca wool is a luxury wool, which is finer than cashmere and smoother than silk. Native to South America and the Andes mountains, Alpacas are gentle and curious animals with one of the softest types of hairs around the world.

Their unique fibre is semi hollow, smooth, naturally hypoallergenic, and lightweight.

Advantages of Alpaca Wool and alpaca clothing


Alpaca wool is approximately 10% lighter than cashmere and its fibre structure has unique insulation and thermal qualities. Alpaca fibres provide you warmth in autumn and winter while also regulating your body temperature on warmer days as a result of the microscopic air pockets found within the wool fibres. These wonderful properties are some of the reasons why at Happy Pants we love using Alpaca wool in our jumpers design and production.

Happy Pants Alpaca jumpers are a  wardrobe essential that can be used from autumn to spring and even summer depending on where you live.

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