7 Tips to find the perfect gift for anyone

7 Tips to find the perfect gift for anyone

Finding a present for a loved one is complex. Sometimes it can even be stressful and difficult. Chances are you will want to impress them, yet regardless of how much you spend, they will know how much effort you have put into it. Honestly, the best presents take time and work, making this task quite intimidating. It doesn’t matter if you are getting a Mother or Father Day gift, a birthday or a Christmas present; the process of finding the perfect gift remains the same. Instead of rushing to the shops the day before or frantically buying anything online without knowing whether it will arrive on time, why don’t you consider these seven tips and give your loved ones something special this year? The art of giving doesn’t have to be strenuous. On the contrary, research has shown that giving to others can be more gratifying than receiving, making it a gratifying and exciting experience. 

Let us show you the way to make this journey a happy and enjoyable process.

7 Tips to find the right present for everyone  

1. What are their interests? 

Take some time to think about them, their likes and dislikes. Write a list of possible options relating to their interest. Relax, this doesn’t mean that you will buy them everything, but it will help you get your ideas flowing while brainstorming possible options. Do you know if they like sports, travelling, relaxing at home, or are they a masterful chef who has been browsing at the newest appliance while no one is paying attention? We all have specific things that we like. Now, think if there is anything you can get them to help them further develop their interest.

2. Become a private detective.

It is the time to call out your inner Sherlock Holmes and do some research. Consider the things that they are attracted to and write them down. Listen to them when they get excited about products. Check if there is anything they need. Look at their social feed. Sometimes we don’t even know what we want until someone else provides convenient suggestions that make our lives easier.

3. Revise your past choices.

Is there a time when they loved your present? Think about what you gave them and why it had such a good effect on them. On the other hand, can you remember if they discreetly asked you for the item’s receipt? Analyse why that present was not successful and if there is anything you could have done better.

4. Make it personal.

Look at your relationship with that person. Do you share a special memory? Personalising a present can have fabulous results as it shows that you put some thought into your gift. Sometimes the most successful presents are not always the super expensive ones, but the ones that come from the heart.

5. What’s your budget?

Having realistic expectations of how much you can and are willing to spend it is very important. Set a budget and stick with it. It will help you to narrow your gifts options and set a boundary. If your budget is limited, you can always consider a DIY present or cooking dinner for them.

6. Let them choose.

Some people do not like surprises, so chat with them and ask them what they want. If you are lucky, they will tell you, and you won’t have to worry about finding them something. But if they dodge the question, get them a gift card from their favourite brand. In Australia, gift cards are valid for at least three years, so they will have plenty of time to find something they love.

7. Make them laugh.

Make this year a memorable one and give them something that will bring a smile to their face. Presents can be the perfect opportunity to be funny, playful and a bit cheeky. Just remember to make sure they are the type of person who enjoys out of the box presents.

    Good luck gift hunting!

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