Looking for Comfortable pants

 We would like to hear what you think of comfortable pants. What are the things you are looking for in a pair of really comfy pants? is it the size? material? colour? Design? 

Weather it is to wear them after work, to lounge around, to go out and about or if you simply want to add a bit of colour to your life and be unique we would like to hear your story. leave your comments below. 
Here are 5 thoughts about comfortable pants.

  1. Breathability is important when it comes to super comfy pants. They have to be cool and keep you fresh, while remaining not see through. This is commonly a hard one, as you sometimes find the comfiest looking pants but you wouldn't wear them because the are see through. So really comfy pants have to be able to breath and keep you fresh without being see-through.
  2. Flexibility is also an important characteristic of comfortable pants. You got to be able to move right? normally the weirdest poses are the most comfy ones, so you gotta be able to do and move the way you want. However, flexibility is not the same as being baggy and loose, you want to look good and they got to fit you well.
  3. Style does play a part in being comfortable, if you are wearing something that you feel is not your style you wouldn't feel comfortable. Although it is always good to try new things and even if comfy pants don't seem to match your style you might be able to find a colour or pattern that is still comfy and that is more you.
  4. Colour is a subjective one. Some say that colour sets your mood. Whether you agree or not colour allows you to express yourself and you can choose any colour that makes you comfortable, if you are a blue, green, white, black, yellow, orange, pink or red... person, Comfy pants come in all colours.
  5. The right Fitting is crucial in comfy pants. An elastic around the waist gives you that flexibility and on top of that a draw string gives you perfect control of how you wear your pants, so that you are comfortable at all times.
For all those who LOVE to rip off your jeans right when you get home and slip into some comfy pants. =)


For all of those who are trendy and who always want to be comfy so have replaced the traditional jeans with some super comfy pants. =)

NOTE: these comfy pants are not to be confused with pyjamas or sweatpants.

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