Achieving happiness

It is often that we find ourselves pondering on the idea of happiness, and to be specific, on the question of how to be happy?   There are no simple answers or prescribed set of steps to follow in order to achieve happiness thus one must understand that there is no simple way. Happiness relies on being able to feel and appreciate all other feelings and to focus on the present whilst having dreams and goals for the future. It is evident that four factors play an important role in answering this complicated yet simple question.

1. Having and appreciating a special someone or special people whom you can share your time, feelings and thoughts.

2. Having something interesting to do, enjoying what you do and feeling fulfilled in your occupation certainly helps to feel happy.

3. Being comfortable with who you are, when you feel comfortable, you feel good, relaxed and confident about yourself.

4.  Appreciating little things in life, not all good things come in big packages, thus being open minded allows you to appreciate things that otherwise might have been ignored, the power of a smile is often underestimated. 

“Happiness is no laughing matter”

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